FOTO Patient Inquiry API

How to integrate an EMR/HIS/PMS with FOTO

Why the API?

FOTO is building an API for interactions with Patient Inquiry because this is something our customers have requested. It is also important to us because the easier it is for users to use our system the more they will use it. That is why the initial offering in the API was patient import.

How do I learn more about FOTO and the Patient Inquiry web application?

Here is a 7 minute video introduction that describes what FOTO provides.

To specifically see the functionality of the Patient Inquiry web application. Feel free to sign up to one of our scheduled live Webinars or view informational videos.

To learn more about the research, customers and FOTO visit

Patient and Episode Level Data

How will I get data from my customers' sites to the Patient Inquiry web application?

Patient Inquiry is a hosted web application that is accessed at The API will is a hosted solution and will be hosted "beside" the Patient Inquiry web application. All data will be transported over HTTPS in production. In development you can access the API servers via HTTP. NO REAL PATIENT SHOULD BE USED WHEN COMMUNICATING VIA HTTP WITH DEVELOPMENT SERVERS.

Basic vs. Plus API

The Basic API is built to establish a link between external systems and the patients listed in Patient Inquiry. By implementing the Basic API users of both an EMR/HIS/PMS and FOTO can avoid duplicate manual entry of patients. Establishing this link allows both sides to then develop further functionality based on this relationship. This level of interoperability is provided free of charge.

The Plus API consists of additional methods that build upon the established patient relationship built in implementation of the Basic API. The cornerstone of the Plus API is the additional Episode relation that can be made providing for a link allowing for us to provide reports and some episode details to external systems. There is a fee introduced for this level of interoperability. Please contact Curtis Jones for details.

Outcomes Level Data

Is outcome data available?

Yes, with the latest update, the outcomes data such as what is presented on the Scorecard in the Report Portal is available via integration. Outcome data integrations have all the protections available to Patient data integrations. FOTO users will generate a seperate API Key for Outcome data integration usage that only allows access to the methods documented under the Outcomes API section.

HTTP/HTTPS is the transport but what about the message format?

As we build out the API we are making it as flexible as reasonable. We will be monitoring the usage of the different methods in testing and may discontinue support for some if they are not being used.

The good news is we are starting with support for SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2 and a RESTful interface that supports both json and xml when using native FOTO objects.

Certain features may not have some protocols available to them so we will keep this documentation updated with clear labels of what protocols are supported. So look for the label for the protocol you are using. Here are what they look like SOAP 1.1 SOAP 1.2 REST XML REST json

There are also some methods that will only be available on the development servers ( These are made available to assist in debugging and will be labeled as
Development Only.

We will also work to provide examples to help get you started and they will be formatted as follows.

<IncomingPatient2 xmlns="">