CMS MIPS Reporting Data Collection

CMS Definition

Submit data for MIPS measure calculations


SOAP Discovery

SOAP 1.1
SOAP 1.2

APICMSPatientEpisodeResponse AddPatientEpisodes(CMSPatientEpisode[] patientEpisodes)

Submit patients for CMS Reporting


Resource URLs

REST json 


Submit patient for CMS reporting

Parameter: CMSPatientEpisode[] patientEpisodes
Response: APICMSPatientEpisodeResponse

GET Development Only

Gets the CMSPatientEpisode imported with the ExternalEpisodeId in the URL

Parameters: externalPatientId
Response: CMSPatientEpisode

Example Request: GET

Supporting Objects and Structures (order matters when using XML)

 public class CMSPatientEpisode
        public string ExternalEpisodeId;
        public string ExternalPatientId;
        public string FirstName;
        public string LastName;
        public string Alias;
        public DateTime DateOfBirth;
        public int BodyPartId;
        public string NPI;
        public string TIN;
        public List<CMSVisit> Visits;
    public class CMSVisit
        public string ExternalVisitId;
        public DateTime Date;
        public List<string> CPTHCPCSCodes;
        public string NPI;
        public string TIN;
        public bool IsMedicare;
        public List<string> ICD10Codes;
  public class APICMSPatientEpisodeResponse
        public string ExternalEpisodeId;
        public bool Success;
        public List<string> Messages;